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Your child will enjoy playing with the Spot Splatter Splash Bitty Button Doll.She has long blue hair worn in high pigtails held with white bows and wrap around curved bangs.

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Ever since she started learning the art of appreciating and having fun with girly toys, the list of dolls she loves just goes on and on.

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Like their older siblings the Lalaloopsy Littles came to life as their last stitch was sewn, and their personality is just like the fabric they were made from.

Than I insert hook where I wanted the curl, pull the tail through and tie a square knot with both ends.On the top section are multiple pink flowers with a blue one in the center.Yuki is a very pale skinned lalaloopsy with white makeup on her face.Choose your location and preferred currency for a localized shopping experience.Beautiful, embellished Lalaloopsy dollwith white pearlescent hair Adorable pet poodle.

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She wears a pink and magenta striped long sleeved shirt with a fur vest with blue trim, a white pair of bloomers with a blue mesh skirt with darker blue spots.

All orders of 100.00 AED or more on eligible items across any product category qualify for FREE Shipping.Lalaloopsy Silly Hair - Peanut These Lalaloopsy have silly hair that bends every which way.Cinder obsession is definitely her glass slipper, which she continuously loses.They come with many accessories to help decorate their hair in any fashion and in any style.

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Workshop dolls allow you to mix and match parts from other dolls and create sew many different combinations.

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Her hair is red and pulled back into pigtails with blue and white flowers.The smartest kid in Lalaloopsy Land, Bea Spells-a-Lot is the girl with the right book for the job.

Instead of beating on a pinata with a stick, each person punches through one of the pretty colored circles in order to grab the prize inside.Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll Beautiful, embellished Lalaloopsy dollwith white pearlescent hair Lalaloopsy Suzette La Sweet Great Prices.

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Charlotte likes the colors black and white. but her favorite color is see-through.She has red lipstick, very bright pink cheeks, and a pink-red flower marking by her right eye.

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Adding to her top favorites at present are the Lalaloopsy Dolls.She is wearing a white t shirt with ruffled sleeves, which sits nicely under her green overalls.

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Her name is based off of mittens, one of the items that can be worn during the winter.

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Totally collectable Lalaloopsy Suzette La Sweet Articulated head, arms, and legs The Lalaloopsy dolls were once rag dolls who magically came to life, taking on the personalities.

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She is voiced by Hayley Stone Bea is a smarty-pants girl who knows everything.